HTSA 2020/2021 Academic Year Update
Updated Date: 25/09/2020 16:21

Message from the President  

I take great pride in being given the opportunity to continue as the President of one of the leading Tamil schools in the UK, for the second year. 


To seamlessly run the school this year, the school has eight self-motivated and selfless fellow members in the BOA (Board of Administrators), some of whom are continuing with me from last year.  


To ensure strength and support to our school, I have requested the Advisory Board members to play an active role in supporting the current BOA and the school.  They will be focusing on our future plans beyond Covid 19, compliance, strategy, etc.  


We will continue to endure throughout this pandemic and will try our very best to maintain the standards and the reputation of the HTSA.  As a community, we are all very anxious to get through the current situation and hope to start our classes at Whitmore High School from the beginning of next year.  


I very much look forward to working with the teachers, students, parents and my team to promote the values of our school. 


Stay safe.  


BOA 2020-2021 

President - Ahilan Sandirasekaram 

Secretary - Mathan  Mohan  

Treasurer - Satkunam Senthuran 

Committee member 1 - Mrs Sivajini Sivathasan  

Committee member 2 – Mrs Hema Suganthan 

Committee member 3 - Mr Parameswaran Adiththan 

Committee member 4 – Mr Thirukailayanathan Muhunthan 

Committee member 5 – Mr Kathiravelu Girishanthan  

Committee member 6 – Mrs Vasitha Sivakanthan 


Advisory Board 

Sachithananthan Senthilvel

Sadachchara Sandrasegara 

Paramaraksagapalan Saimaruhan

Update - HTSA Thirukkural Competition - 13th March 2021
Updated Date: 12/03/2021 19:56
HTSA Thirukkural Competition - 13th March 2021
HTSA Weekly Updates - Exams and Competition
Updated Date: 12/02/2021 11:17
Mid Year Thamil Exams, HTSA Thirukkural Competition , Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level Thamil Exams
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HTSA Zoom classes Spring Term
HTSA - Parents & Teachers meeting.
Updated Date: 04/12/2020 17:08
The Parents - Teachers meeting of your Thamil School is scheduled to be held on Sunday the 6th
Update - HTSA Speech Competition - 21st Nov 2020
Updated Date: 19/11/2020 15:07
HTSA Speech Competition - 21st Nov 2020
HTSA Speech Competition - 21st Nov 2020
Updated Date: 16/11/2020 10:33
The speech competition will be held on the 21st of November 2020, virtually, on Zoom.
HTSA - 9th Oct Update
Updated Date: 10/10/2020 08:17
Zoom Classes
HTSA - Navaraathri Performance
Updated Date: 10/10/2020 08:08
Navaraathri Performance - Saturday - 17th Oct 2020 , Speech Competition - 21st Nov 2020
HTSA - Virtual classes - Academic Year 2020/2021
Updated Date: 25/09/2020 16:26
HTSA - Academic Year 2020/2021 Started - Saturday, 12th Sep 2020
HTSA BOA 2020- 2021
Updated Date: 24/09/2020 16:19
HTSA BOA 2020 - 2021
HTSA Update - 12th Sept 2020
Updated Date: 18/09/2020 19:36
New Academic Year 2020/2021 - Saturday, 12th Sep 2020
HTSA Update - 16th Sept 2020
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AGM 2020 – Saturday, 19th September via Zoom meeting.
HTSA - Virtual classes
Updated Date: 10/09/2020 12:28
HTSA - Virtual classes for Tamil and Fine Arts subjects.
Introduction of Tamil and Fine Arts classes for Parents
Updated Date: 21/02/2020 20:24
Introduction of Tamil and Fine Arts classes for HTSA Parents @ Harrow Tamil School
HTSA - Best student selection criteria - 2015/2016
Updated Date: 29/09/2015 03:49
Updated HTSA - Best student selection criteria for 2015/2016
Free Trial classes at Harrow Tamil School Association @ Whitmore High School,
Updated Date: 09/09/2015 21:17
HTSA is offering free classes in Dance, Miruthangam, Vocal, Violin, Veena and Keyboard for 2 to 3 weeks as trail period
Parking on Saturdays at Whitmore
Updated Date: 06/02/2015 02:08
We have been asked to remind our parents about the parking arrangement we have with Whitmore School as this become as a major issue.
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