Message from HTSA President
Updated Date: 20/09/2019 13:25

Dear Parents,

New Academic Year 2019/2020 Started - Saturday, 7th Sep 2019

Message from the president

I take great pride in being selected as the president of one of the leading Tamil schools in the UK.  We boast a student population of 360+ who are aided by our experienced and long standing teachers, both in the Tamil language and fine arts.

To seamlessly run the school this year, the school has eight self-motivated and selfless fellow members in the BOA (Board of Administrators).

The BOA has defined objectives for this year which are attached to this email.  I, along with my team, believe that we as a community school have the need to strengthen our values, which are to promote the Tamil language, Tamil culture and the associated Fine Arts. We call our objectives “Brilliant Basics”.

I very much look forward to working with the students, parents and my team to promote the values of our school.



Board of Administrators (2019-2020) 

A new Board of Administrators were elected at the AGM last Saturday 14th September 2019.

President – Mr Ahilan Sandirasekaram

Treasurer – Mr Satkunam Senthuran

Secretary – Mr Sachithananthan Senthilvel


Committee Members:

Mr Navartnam Suresh

Mrs Sivajini Sivathasan

Mr Mathan Shanmugas Mohan

Mr Kunarasah Logenthiraraj

Mrs Hema Suganthan

Mr Parameswaran Adiththan


Saraswathy Poosai – Saturday, 5th October 2019

The Saraswathy Poosai will commence at 1:15 pm - Saturday, 5th October 2019, after the Tamil Classes.

Tamil and Fine arts classes will be held as usual.

The programme will be published next week.

Please contact our committee member Mrs Hema Suganthan or Mrs Sivajini Sivathasan regarding your food contributions and donations.


Books Available to Buy – until, Saturday, 5th October 2019

All textbook will be on sale until Saturday, 5th October. Please make any purchases before this date. Sales desk is located next to the Treasurer’s desk.  


If you are unsure which books to buy, please ask the class teacher before purchase. Once sold, returns will NOT be accepted.



Ealing Amman Temple – Navarathri Performance by our Fine Arts Students on 4th October 2019.


Safety Rules - Reminder

  1. Parents must pick their children from the Assembly Hall and not from the Car Park. If the children are caught leaving the building without adult supervision and the security officer inform the council, the authorities will not hesitate to act. Please note, CCTV is in operation in and around the school premises.
  2. In line with the above rule, the children are not allowed in the playground or anywhere outside the classrooms or canteen area without adult supervision.
  3. Please ensure, the children wear appropriate footwear to school.
  4. Please use the bins for your litter and leave the canteen area clean.
  5. Please remember to take your belongings with you. HTSA will not take responsibility for lost items.



Fees – HTSA Bank Account Details

Please note, the Registration Fee for the academic year is £25.


Any payments/fees to the HTSA can be paid to, 


Name of Account: Harrow Tamil School Association (HTSA)

Bank: Barclays Bank

Sort code: 20-73-53

Account No: 10006041

Ref: Please include a reference. (e.g. Student ID No)


Yours’ sincerely,

Mr Sachithananthan Senthilvel





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