HTSA Update - 26th April 2019
Updated Date: 29/04/2019 16:01

Dear Parents,


Dear Parents,


Summer Term begins this Saturday, 27th April 2019. However, due to OFFAL exams, only Tamil Classes will be held. No Fine arts classes tomorrow and the school closes after the assembly at 2pm.

School Calendar:


School photography day - Saturday, 4th May.

All classes (Tamil, Fine arts, Religion & Yoga) will be photographed. Please ensure your child is dressed in our traditional clothing. 


Thirukkural Competition - Saturday, 18th May - Finals


Please register the participant’s details before Saturday, 4th May 2019.


A registration form/list is available, at the canteen area on Saturdays, during school hours until the deadline. Please fill all the required details and ensure they are accurate.


Depending on the number of entries received, a semi-final may be held on Saturday 11th May 2019, for selected classes with a higher number of entries. The decision will be made after the registration deadline.


Tamil Vizha 2019- Saturday, 13th July 2019

Venue: TBC  


The Students have been given a consent form for the Parents to complete and return by Saturday, 27thApril 2019 to their Class Teachers.


Tickets: £10/ participant

Siblings concession: Three siblings for the price of Two. (3 siblings pay just £20)


Attendance: All Participants shall endeavour to attend the rehearsals (to be confirmed).


Further details, to be confirmed.


We welcome sponsors, donors and advertainments towards Tamil Vizha 2019





YOGA Classes for Parents – During School Saturdays @12:45pm

If you would like to join our YOGA Classes for Parents, please ask a committee member at the Treasurer’s desk.



Safety Rules - Reminder

  1. Parents must pick their children from the Assembly Hall and not from the Car Park. If the children are caught leaving the building without adult supervision and the security officer inform the council, the authorities will not hesitate to act. Please note, CCTV is in operation in and around the school premises.
  2. In line with the above rule, the children are not allowed in the playground or anywhere outside the classrooms or canteen area without adult supervision.
  3. Please ensure, the children wear appropriate footwear to school.
  4. Please use the bins for your litter and leave the canteen area clean.
  5. Please remember to take your belongings with you. HTSA will not take responsibility for lost items.



Fees – HTSA Bank Account Details

Any payments/fees to the HTSA can be paid to, 


Name of Account: Harrow Tamil School Association (HTSA)

Bank: Barclays Bank

Sort code: 20-73-53

Account No: 10006041

Ref: Please include a reference. (e.g. Student ID No)


Yours’ sincerely,

Mr P Saimaruhan




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