HTSA Nominations - (2018-2019)
Updated Date: 17/07/2018 12:35
Dear Parents,
This has been a wonderful year for HTSA, although we faced a few fresh challenges, with your unrelenting support we managed to overcome those hurdles together as a team. It has been a fabulous experience, honour and privilege to serve our community and HTSA.
The Committee would like to thank you all for your support, encouragement and co-operation during our incumbency at HTSA.
The current committee consists of:
1. President: Mr P Saimaruhan
2. Secretary: Mr R Ramo
3. Treasurer: Mr S Suresh 
Committee members:
4. Mr S Manivannan
5. Mr K Uthayakumar
6. Mrs A Anand
7. Mr V Sayanthan
8. Mr S Sanjeev
9. Mrs S Sivajini
All the Board of Administrators (BOA) are willing to serve yet again except for Mr V Sayanthan and Mr S Sanjeev.
Since President Saimaruhan wishes to initiate a few new projects and complete the ones he has already started, the existing Committee and a number of past Presidents have convinced him to continue as the President for the next academic year with all of your support.
I will be stepping down from my post as a Secretary after serving my two years and wish to continue as a committee member for the next year.
Within the currently serving committee, one of the Committee members has expressed an interest in becoming the next Secretary.
The preference for the roles with the HTSA BOA will be given to the existing BOA, if someone still wishes to be considered for any of the above positions, then I will need a notification before the closing date which is specified in the nomination form and there must be a proposer and seconder to support the said nomination. Please find Nomination Form attached.
BOA members are the trustees of HTSA and they should meet the eligibility criteria to be trustees. They will need to submit all the necessary documentation (passport copies, driving licences and one utility bill) to get DBS clearance with the nomination.  All new committee members should have DBS clearance on the day of the AGM.
In the unlikely event, if there is more than one contestant for a position, only if deemed necessary, the President will call for a secret ballot to decide the winner on the day of the AGM. However, the BOA will endeavour to do its very best to avoid the secret balloting. Please note, no nomination will be accepted after the closing date, under any circumstances. 
School Reopens – 8th September 2018
Nominations Closing Date – Monday,10th September 2018 at 23:59hrs
AGM – Saturday, 15th September 2018 (Agenda to follow)
Yours’ sincerely,
Ramesh Ramo

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